All Inclusive Vacation & Travel Package

We are happy to offer you best prices and well planned adventure on the most interesting destinations on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic. This is All Inclusive Vacation & Travel Package.

Vacation package
beach_party Base private Party package
Weekend at the paradise, the entire hotel only for your enjoyment. Special event, birthday or a private party.
6-10 3 2499
Dominican-Yacht_4 (1) Lux private Party package
Five days vacations, the entire hotel only for  your enjoyment. Private yacht tour. Special event, birthday or a private party.
6-10 5 4499
Travel package 
Min persons*
Minimum Package Minimum
Weekend on the beach (3 nights) with excursion, Ocean Kayaking & Snorkeling.
2 3 $399
Active Package Active
A week down the shore (7 nights), different activities including Discovery Scuba Diving.
2 7 $699
Diver Package Diver
Discover the underwater world of the Dominican Republic. The whole week of diving.  Eightin dives including dive in Dudu cave.
2 7 $899
Optimum Package Optimum
Ten days of unforgettable adventures vacation down the shore. Different excursion,  scuba diving , and trip on the Paradise Island.
2 10 $999
Traveller Package Traveler
Two weeks of active vacation down the shore, real adventure, excursions, scuba diving , deep ocean fishing.
2 14 $1299
Explorer Package Explorer
Two weeks down the shore full of adventure – excursions, scuba diving , and two day yacht tour on the Paradise island.
4 14 $1699