Our hotel surrounded by the most interesting dive sites in the north coast of Dominican Republic. A lot of dive sites located near the hotel are great for advanced and for beginners divers as well. Absence of the currents, stable temperature of the water 26-28C, great visibility and a big amount tropical fishes and different underwater species make diving here safe and pleasant activity.

There is a PADI dive center with all the necessary equipment on the premises of the hotel Coral Blanco. Our pool has a deep site for discovery scuba diving training (PADI standarts).

Our Diving programs:


Discover Scuba Diving

Discover Scuba Diving: new world full of fun and excitement. PADI “Discovery Scuba Diving” will teach you how to use the equipment for diving and let you do your first dive in the ocean. Read more…>


Daily Diving for beginners and advanced (2 Dive from the boat)

During one day you will enjoy two dives accompanied by PADI professionals on the north coast of Dominican Republic… Read more…>


Diving in the cave Laguna El Dudu (2 Caverns Dive)

One of the most interesting dive sites cave El Dudu. During many years on the button of the lake was falling trees, creating an amazing underwater landscape… Read more…>


Diving in Rio San Juan, Playa Artificial (2 Dive from the boat)

One of the most beautiful dives on the north coast. Clear water, lots of coral, large rocks, and tropical fish.  Two dives from the boat accompanied by PADI professionals … Read more…>